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Buy Gorgeous Tory Burch Watches for Women

Tory Burch has quickly become one of the top names in luxury watches, thanks to her impeccable taste, incredible instinct for what women want in their timepieces and background in art history that informs her design decisions. Burch grew up in Pennsylvania, where her parents' exquisite approach to fashion helped shape Tory's style. After working for some of the foremost designers, Burch opened her own store in 2004. Since then, she has become one of the most revered talents in the world.

With a bustling global brand, Burch today draws inspiration from her adopted home city, New York, where she also designs handbags and clothing in addition to her watches. When you buy a Tory Burch piece, you know you will receive something of the highest quality that will remain effortlessly in style year after year.

Little Switzerland is a proud authorized dealer of Tory Burch women's watches. As the Caribbean's preeminent luxury watch retailer, we have the brands our customers desire, and we offer them with a "best price" guarantee. For more than 60 years, Little Switzerland has provided the best selection of watches in the islands, and we continue that tradition with the watches of Tory Burch.

Find Tory Burch Gold, Stainless Steel and Two-Tone Watches

It's little wonder why Tory Burch designs have developed such a devoted following. Her watches display immense creativity. Some are colorful, some are playful and some marry elegance with admirable simplicity. No matter what watch you choose, you receive something truly unique.

These watches make the perfect indulgence to celebrate your dream vacation. A trip to the Caribbean deserves the right commemoration. When you buy one of these watches, you get a piece you can wear daily, as a reminder of your special time away. You can pair your watch with a sophisticated suit or use it to dress up capris and a blouse. Whatever your style, a Tory Burch watch will make an excellent complement.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Caribbean's Most Aggressive Financing Plan

We won't give you any hyperbole — just the facts about our financing plan:

  • You won't make a down payment
  • You won't pay any interest for six to 36 months, depending on the amount you finance
  • You won't have to pay any more than the minimum monthly payment during your free-interest term — that equates to $35 per month, or 1 percent of your balance

Our financing plan is a revolving credit line, so if you pay down your purchase, you can buy something else with your remaining balance. We encourage you to apply for financing ahead of your visit to one of our locations in St. Maarten, Key West, Nassau and more. That will give you more time to shop when you get here.

You can also shop over the phone. Call us at (877) 800-9998, and one of our Personal Shopping Consultants can walk you through your purchase. We look forward to speaking with you.