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Breitling An Obsession With Quality

Founded in 1884, Breitling has its very own place among watch brands: the highly exclusive ‘stronghold’ of technical watches, mainly chronographs.
A longstanding partner of aviation, a field where reliability and precision play a vital role, the brand continues its unwavering commitment to innovation,
quality and design excellence.

More than 100 years later, Breitling remains one of the premier brands around the globe, and Little Switzerland is proud to be an authorized Breitling retailer.
Whether you purchase from us online or at one of our Caribbean locations, you’ll find a stunning selection of these superb & cool watches

What Sets Breitling Apart From Other Watches?

Renowned as the inventor of the modern chronograph, Breitling is the Cool, Informal & Inclusive Alternative to the traditional conservative and classical brands.

Heritage, quality, performance, and elegance sets Breitling apart as an authentic brand for men and women of Purpose, Style and Action.

The brand stands for industry-leading quality. Every timepiece produced is COSC-certified chronometer. Each one has been independently tested for precision and reliability. The entire collection benefits from a perpetual process of improvement in terms of materials, design and functionality.

Why Choose Breitling Timepieces from Little Switzerland?

Breitling’s new collections fits your needs in 4 different universes: AIR, SEA, LAND & PROFESSIONAL.

Under these universes, Breitling celebrates the collective spirit of squads united in pursuit of their mission with the Cinema, Surfer, & Explorer squads #SQUADONAMISSION

Our latest collections by universe:

• Air – Navitimer
• Sea – SuperOcean
• Land – Premier
• Professional - Cockpit B50

While in the Caribbean, take advantage of the Duty-Free Pricing. We have no-interest financing options for Breitling timepieces that could represent overtime savings for qualified buyers.

We don’t require any down payments for your purchase, either.

Visit Our Stores to Find the Best Prices on Breitling Watches

Are you ready to buy yourself a new watch? Or, do you have a relative or family friend whose pioneering lifestyle would fit perfectly with the Breitling brand? Splurge on a watch for your collection, or purchase the ideal gift when you shop for a Breitling.

If you have an upcoming trip to the Caribbean planned, we’d love to show you our Breitling collection. You can find these watches at our locations in:

• Aruba
• Nassau, Bahamas
• Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
• St. Thomas
• St. John
• St. Maarten
• Barbados
• Tortola
• Key West
• Curacao
• Puerto Rico

Is your vacation still months away, but you can’t wait to get your new watch or designer jewelry? Order from us online or over the phone by calling (877) 800-9998.

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