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Find the Best Jewelry and Watch Deals in Tortola at Little Switzerland

The biggest of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola has a history ripe with pirate lore. Captain Kidd and Blackbeard were among the island’s first settlers, and Africans who had been freed from slave ships came to the islands years later. It is known as a mountainous region, with breathtaking scenery that keeps visitors arriving on its shores all year long.

The beaches on Tortola’s northern coast have many devotees, especially Lambert Beach, Cane Garden Bay and Smuggler’s Cove — another throwback to the pirate days. Cruise ships also frequent the island, bringing with them many scuba divers, windsurfers and adventurers. The residents of the island remain active year-round, and visitors can travel by ferry from Tortola to other Caribbean destinations.

If you have a trip to Tortola lined up, be sure to carve out time to visit Little Switzerland at our Tortola Pier Park location. As one of the top luxury jewelry stores you will find, Little Switzerland has a reputation for excellence in this region.

With 15 stores on seven islands, we are the preeminent retailer of jewelry and watches in the area. Whether you are interested in buying diamonds or watches in Tortola, come to Little Switzerland first, where you can browse our extensive selection with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff.

Visit Little Switzerland for Duty-Free and Tax-Free Watch and Jewelry Shopping in Tortola

You can find the best brand names in the business at Little Switzerland. Other Tortola watch and jewelry stores cannot match our selection. As authorized jewelers for many of the top designers and brands in the world, we make sure to offer deals you won’t find anywhere else.

You want jewelry and watches that will make a statement, and our offerings can deliver. Some of our most popular brands include:

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Talk to Us About Financing Options for the Best Jewelry and Watch Shopping in Tortola

Along with offering the largest selection of fine jewelry and watches in the Caribbean, we also have the best financing plan.

Enjoy yourself a little more on your next Caribbean vacation. Call us before you arrive to set up an appointment at our store in Tortola. We look forward to helping you find your next watch or piece of jewelry.