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Look Stunning With Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland

Have you ever thought about the jewelry of the future? It may look a lot like the diamonds from Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland, a pioneering brand dedicated to exploring fresh ideas and updating traditional styles with elegant new twists. Engrace Diamonds features lab-grown diamond jewelry of excellent quality at attractively affordable prices.

Lab-grown diamonds are a relatively new area of luxury jewelry, and no one else in the Caribbean offers this lovely type of jewelry. Little Switzerland is proud to partner with this brand to bring you jewelry you will fall in love with.

We have been the preeminent luxury jeweler in the islands for more than 60 years. Our first location in St. Thomas opened in 1954, and we have expanded to nearly three dozen more, all while continuing to maintain close relationships with our customers. We have the best selection of jewelry and luxury watches in the Caribbean, and we love introducing our customers to brands like Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland.

Dazzle With Engrace Diamond's Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Our lab-grown diamonds are made of carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Carbon seeds are placed in highly controlled laboratory environments to engineer diamonds comprised of the same elements you'd find in mined diamonds and crystallized in individual, unique ways — just as they would be from the earth. As a result, they're chemically, physically and optically the same as their earth-formed counterparts.

Just like diamonds from the earth's mantle, lab-grown diamonds each have their own distinct color, shape and characteristics. Added bonuses are they do less damage to the earth and offer a significant price advantage.

While the way these diamonds are made may be new, the company makes traditional-style jewelry. It's tasteful, attractive and glamorous. Our assortment of pieces includes:

  • Engagement rings
  • Stud earrings
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Pendants and necklaces


We also feature loose diamonds and some very large pieces that will really steal the show. We know our customers enjoy jewelry that looks exquisite while also offering versatility and affordability. You can wear these ethically sourced diamonds to work or dinner at the best restaurant in town. Whatever your look, you will find Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland jewelry complements it perfectly.

When you go on vacation, you deserve to indulge. Do something for yourself during your upcoming travels to the Caribbean and commemorate the trip of a lifetime with a new piece from Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland. Or, give someone you love the perfect souvenir from your trip by bringing home lab-grown diamond jewelry to show how much you care.

Get Details on Our Financing Plans for Little Switzerland Purchases

Unlike our competitors that limit no-interest financing to seasonal specials, we give our customers no-interest financing all year long. You can apply for our plan before you even go on vacation, allowing you more time to shop when you arrive at our location with those financial details already handled. Once you have been approved, you will get 0 percent financing for six to 36 months. The more you spend with us, the longer that term will be. We never ask you for a down payment, either.

Use our revolving credit line every time you purchase from Little Switzerland at our locations in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and more. As you pay down your balance, you get more to spend.

Prefer to shop over the phone? You can reach us year-round by calling (877) 800-9998. Our personal shopping team can assist you with buying gifts for birthdays or holidays, or maybe something special for yourself. We look forward to helping you with your purchase.

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