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Discover Our Beautiful Nuri & Ash Jewelry for Sale

Nuri & Ash jewelry was born from a vision, and that vision involves inspiring others while providing them with amazing, conflict-free diamonds they will proudly display. The company uses lab-created diamonds, above-ground stones that are also friendly to the environment. Lighting a fire in people to help others is Nuri & Ash's proudly stated mission. Everything they do is designed to benefit the greater good. With that in mind, they will donate a percentage of each sale to charities that assist women and children. We believe in this mission of making a difference.

Nuri & Ash has joined CARE.ORG as their first charity partner to light a fire and empower women and girls everywhere. CARE is a leader in the worldwide movement to end poverty. CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. CARE knows that empowering women and girls is the most efficient way to fight poverty and social injustice.

Nuri & Ash is proud to Light a Fire and FIGHT WITH CARE® for vulnerable women around the world. For every Nuri & Ash product purchased, they will donate $10 to CARE. Your purchase will help CARE scale innovative programs focused on transformational change in the areas of women’s empowerment: financial inclusion, health, education, and dignified work.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference:

$17 can fund one day of technical business training for 100 girls.
$58 can fund a scholarship for one girl to attend a year of secondary school.
$690 can fund a micro-grant allowing a woman entrepreneur to start a small business.

No one else in the Caribbean sells this gorgeous brand of diamond jewelry with a social mission. Nuri & Ash can only be found in the Caribbean at Little Switzerland, which is known as the preeminent luxury jewelry seller in the islands. We began in St. Thomas in 1954. Since then, our locations have expanded to cover 8 islands, and our reputation has grown, as well. We offer the most exclusive jewelry you can find in the Caribbean with an exceptional financing plan. We know you want the best of everything, and we proudly provide it.

Enjoy the Elegance of Eco-Friendly Lab Diamonds

Nuri & Ash makes trendy pieces designed for everyday wearing. You can put them on for a day at the office, then transition to a night on the town without swapping out your jewelry. The company makes every piece using unique above ground diamonds, inspired by a love for the planet and desire to do good. When you put on one of these items, you will also feel good.

There's just something about wearing a stunning piece of jewelry that gives you greater confidence. You stand taller as you sparkle. Treasure that feeling of being able to conquer the world you get when you look fantastic. You may love this jewelry so much that you want to buy pieces for friends and family. Little Switzerland offers a full selection from Nuri & Ash to suit any style and taste.

Find the Best Financing Plan at Little Switzerland

When people ask about our financing plan, we tell them it's no hyperbole, just the facts — and we mean it. We never ask for a down payment. We provide you with a private-label credit card, which you can apply for before visiting one of our locations. You'll receive six to 36 months of interest-free financing, depending on how much you finance.

During that time, you will make a minimum monthly payment of just $35 or 1 percent of your balance. Our plan works like a revolving credit line, so you can buy more as you pay down your balance.

Our on-hand inventory at Little Switzerland is more extensive than that of most cruise lines and U.S. retailers. At our locations in Barbados, St. Thomas, Aruba and more, you can see our luxury jewelry and watches for yourself. You can also shop by phone.

Have questions about our lab-created diamond jewelry or want to place an order? Call (877) 800-9998 to speak to one of our Personal Shopping Consultants.


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