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Please read the instruction manual and all the documentation received with your purchase carefully, as it will contain important information regarding the use and care of your product. Some important tips:

Cultured Pearls:Fine cultured pearls with thick nacre layers will last for generations if cared for properly. Cultured pearls should be kept free of perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration and dirt. You may gently wipe cultured pearls with a slightly damp cloth. Our selection of cultured pearls are strung on pure silk with knots between each cultured pearl. Over time, the silk will stretch, weaken and become soiled. If you wear your cultured pearls regularly, we encourage you to have your cultured pearls cleaned and restrung annually.

Sterling Silver: Silver should be kept absolutely dry. If your silver is used frequently, keep it away from excessive exposure to air and store it in a tarnish-proof cloth such as the pouch provided by the manufacturer or a silver storage box. Good storage boxes are lined with tarnish-proof fabric and have a separate space for each individual piece. If your climate is humid, place a small packet of desiccant crystals inside your storage area, whether it is a closed box or a flannel roll. Avoid contact with rubber bands or other rubber products. The sulfur in rubber causes tarnishing and corrosion. Sterling silver is a precious metal and may require cleaning from time to time. Using a small amount of silver jewelry cleaner on a soft cloth, gently rub the silver several times. Then rinse the silver thoroughly in warm water and carefully dry. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your sterling silver like new. Please note: chlorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and should be avoided.

Diamonds: Dust, pollution and daily wear all conspire to cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of platinum and gold. We suggest that your ring receive periodic professional maintenance. Our trained technicians will check that the setting is adequately securing your stones and give your ring a thorough cleaning. Between professional cleanings, we recommend the occasional use of a non abrasive cleaner for diamond jewelry. A mild solution of six parts water to one part ammonia may be applied with a soft bristle brush. Jewelry with stones other than diamonds may need other care.

Gold: Gold is lasting and durable but can get scratched or dented if treated roughly. This is particularly true of rings and bracelets. Remove these pieces before any type of strenuous activity. Avoid chlorinated swimming pools as well as acids and abrasives found in household cleaning solutions. Repeated exposure can weaken gold’s structure, eventually leading to breakage.

Repeated exposure to dust, moisture, perspiration and makeup can cause gold to lose its luster. Clean your jewelry regularly by using a cleaning solution of sudsy, lukewarm water, or having it professionally steam-cleaned by a reputable jeweler. After cleaning and rinsing, always dry and polish jewelry with a chamois or soft cloth to avoid scratches and bring out its shine.

Proper storage is as important as cleaning. Protect your gold jewelry by storing it safely in a jewelry box or keeping it wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn.

Inspect your gold jewelry regularly for weakness or damage.

Please read the instruction manual and all the documentation received with your purchase carefully, as it will contain important information regarding the use and care of your timepiece. Some important tips are:

Avoid placing your watch near any object that gives off a magnetic field, such as TVs, speakers, even the magnet of a handbag, as this may have an effect on the precision of your watch.

Always rinse your watch with clear water after being exposed to salt water. Do not manipulate the crown of your watch under water. Avoid extreme temperatures and sudden temperature changes. Avoid contact with acidic substances, perfumes or make-up products.

How often will my timepiece require servicing?

Your timepiece will require periodic maintenance in order to preserve its optimal performance. As a general rule:

Maintenance Service is recommended on all timepieces approximately every 2 years or after a failed water resistance test. Quartz timepieces should be given a Complete Overhaul servicing every 3 to 6 years. Mechanical or electro-mechanical timepieces should be given a Complete Overhaul servicing approximately every 3 to 5 years.

A Basic Service will include:

Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet Calibration of the movement A time keeping test Replacement of the case spring bars, back gaskets, crystal gaskets, crown gasket, and pusher gaskets, if applicable

A water resistance test What does a Complete Overhaul include?

A Complete Overhaul will include:

Yes. You should only have your watch serviced or repaired by a skilled watchmaker who has the knowledge to perform all levels of work on your specific timepiece and who uses only genuine brand spare parts and tools to perform the work.

Under the manufacturer’s International Sales Warranty, the watch must be serviced or repaired by a brand authorized service center. Please refer to the brand’s website for locations. Alternatively, you can bring your watch to any of our retail locations. All are authorized to receive your piece for delivery to our Watch Repair Service Center where it will be processed for repair in our Watch Repair Facility or forwarded to the manufacturer for service.

In addition to the manufacturers’ International Sales Warranty, Little Switzerland provides a two-year extended warranty. The LS Warranty goes into effect after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty period and is fulfilled solely by Little Switzerland. All servicing and repairs under this warranty are performed by Little Switzerland’s Watch Repair Service Center.

International Sales Warranty: The manufacturer’s International Sales Warranty is issued upon purchase of the timepiece. Warranty periods vary. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for details. With this guarantee, the manufacturer guarantees to repair, free of charge, any problem with the functions of the watch that result from defective manufacturing.

Any defects resulting from actions carried out anywhere other than an authorized service center are not covered by this guarantee and will render it null and void. The limited guarantee also does not cover bracelets, crystals and batteries, or any deterioration of the case or movement due to humidity that has entered the watch as a result of improper handling. It does not apply if there has been improper use of the watch.

Following maintenance carried out in an authorized service center, a repair warranty is provided with your watch. This warranty guarantees the work carried out by one year.

For repairs, please contact our Customer Service Center for instructions by calling (877) 800-9998 or by email at Alternatively, you can bring your watch to any of our retail locations. All are authorized to receive your piece for delivery to our Watch Repair Service Center where it will be examined by one of our watchmakers. A Service Estimate will be provided for your review and approval prior to any work being completed. All servicing and repair work is covered by a one-year warranty.