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Citizen: Marvel Edition Watches

Posted on January 20 2020


Citizen: Marvel Edition Watches

If you're a Marvel fan looking for a practical, high-quality watch, Citizen has the ideal timepiece styles for you. 

In 2018, Citizen formed a partnership with Marvel, and we're happy to offer the resulting Marvel edition watches to fans of superhero entertainment. Citizen has created a line of watches that feature all your favorite characters from comic books and the big screen. You'll find a variety of characters, styles and designs to choose from in this versatile line. 

Iconic Characters

From the silver screen or the pages of a comic book, Citizen has taken inspiration from iconic characters in their Marvel edition watches. You'll find different styles based on the various characters, creating perfect options for almost any taste. Browse the characters below to see if Citizen has a timepiece featuring your favorite superhero.

Black Panther

A newer addition to Marvel's movie lineup gets two watches in this collection. The styles evoke the superhero's look with black bands, black dials and silver accents. The durable designs mimic the strength and agility of the hero with bold, geometric shapes throughout the dials. Choose between a silicone strap or a classic, stainless steel bracelet for a look that matches your style and love for Black Panther.

The stainless steel option features subtle violet accents on various hands, evoking the purple glow of the hero's suit. Similarly, the silicone band timepiece features blue accents with silver outlines on the hands that also mimic the glow of Blank Panther's suit. With either option, you'll get a strong timepiece perfect for any Black Panther fan.

Captain America

Captain America's iconic shield gets a spot on the face of this watch design. Citizen creates a stand-out timepiece with this option, featuring a nylon and polyurethane strap in a camouflage design. Get a durable superhero watch in a more casual style with this option. The watch also includes bold numbers and Captain America's iconic emblems in the form of his shield and an "A" logo at the top of the dial.

Captain Marvel's Gold Star Logo Watch

Captain Marvel

Another Marvel newcomer gets three designs in this collection. Captain Marvel's gold and navy color scheme takes center stage in each of these unique designs:

  • Stainless steel band: The silver color of this watch's stainless steel bracelet pairs with a navy dial and Swarovski crystals. Captain Marvel's gold star logo sits at the center of the face where pointed, gold-tone hands mimic the design for a stunning look that superhero fans will recognize and watch fans will adore.
  • Gold-tone stainless steel band: This watch features a more simplistic color scheme with a gold-tone stainless steel bracelet and gold-tone accents along with a navy dial. The stunning mesh bracelet creates a lovely contrast with the navy watch face, which features a subtle pattern that mimics Captain Marvel's star that sits at the center of the dial.
  • Blue band: The blue silicone band and prominent star logo evoke Captain Marvel in this watch. The stainless steel case and silver dial create a more modern look for this hero's design, while the face's gold accents create a style as super as the hero herself.

Celebrate the new and powerful hero with one of Citizen's stunning Captain Marvel watches. Whether you're looking for something simple, classic or contemporary, Citizen has something for you.


The Hulk

The dial of this watch takes the stage as The Hulk smashes through the design. The iconic green hero appears to smash through the silver-tone dial with green accents that match The Hulk's fist. A black leather strap is a subtle pairing for this more expressive design, which is sure to add some personality to your watch collection. Other details and accents of this timepiece include:

  • Green stitching on the strap
  • Date display
  • Green, black and white watch hands

This sleek design pairs with fun accents to add the perfect combination of style and personality to your watch collection.



Spider-Man swings into this collection with two watch variations. Both timepieces evoke the hero through red and blue accents, along with web-inspired designs. These durable designs are suited for those with different tastes:

  • A black option: A black polyurethane band contrasts the bright blue dial of this timepiece. A geometric web design adds detail to the face, along with Spider-Man's logo and red accents.
  • A stainless steel option: A stainless steel bracelet adds a sleek touch to this timepiece. Like the other option, this watch features a blue dial with web details, red accents and Spider-Man's logo.

The Avengers and Other Characters

Show your love for multiple characters in the Marvel world with two additional designs in Citizen's superhero watch collection. Your options include:

  • The Avengers: If you're a fan of every hero on The Avengers' team, Citizen has a style with you in mind. The black silicone strap pairs with a black and gold-tone accent dial that proudly displays the "A" logo that's become synonymous with Marvel's iconic superhero team. With an eye-catching geometric background on the dial and strong, gold-tone accents, you'll feel like a member of the team when you wear this Avengers Citizen watch.
  • Marvel Heroes: Comic book fans are sure to want this style that pays homage to the printed beginnings of Marvel's superheroes. A navy nylon strap with some bold, red stitching pairs with a blue dial decorated with comic book art. The art includes references to Captain America, Spider-Man and other Marvel favorites.


Subtle Designs

If you want a superhero watch with a subtle design that doesn't immediately read as something from a comic book or movie, some of Citizen's Marvel edition watches will meet that need. These styles are more flexible options that will show off your passions to your fellow superhero fans without being too over the top.

For a design that's a subtle homage to Black Panther, you can't go wrong with either of Citizen's watches in this collection. The black designs with silver accents evoke Wakanda-inspired patterns in the form of subtle, triangular shapes on the watch faces. Fans of the character or Marvel movies may recognize the patterns, but casual fans or watch collectors will appreciate the subtle detail. You can then choose between:

  • A time-only design.
  • An option with a chronograph.

Looking for brighter or sleeker options? Select Captain Marvel's gold or silver-banded options to harness your own power subtly. With her star logo in the center of the faces, these timepieces are a subtle yet stunning nod to the superhero. Again, fans of the franchise will recognize the detail, but others will see it as a dazzling detail to your timepiece.

If you like your outfits to have a bit of flair, feel free to go with bold and expressive designs that show off your superhero favorites. The subtle options above are perfect for those who do not always want to show off their favorite hero or save the recognition for fellow hardcore fans.

Why Choose Citizen Watches?

Why Choose Citizen Watches
While you may be able to find Marvel styles in lesser brands, Citizen's Marvel collection has the quality you want in a timepiece. Citizen, based in Japan, began over a century ago. Since then, they have developed amazing technical abilities and a commitment to the environment. Citizen is one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry and has become a trusted name in watches throughout its lifespan. A timepiece from Citizen is:

  • Bold
  • Confident
  • Sophisticated
  • Beautiful
  • Practical

The watches in Citizen's Marvel collection are no different than their other timepieces, and you'll find the same quality and style you'd expect from Citizen.


Same Quality You'd Expect From Citizen With Marvel Edition Watches

You'll get fun designs without a compromise on quality when you select a superhero timepiece from Citizen. The super collection features the same quality you'd expect from other Citizen timepieces added personality. Choose any timepiece from the collection, and you'll get:


  1. Eco-Drive technology: Citizen watches are powered by light, meaning your timepiece will never need a battery. Convenience converges with eco-friendly design, even in Citizen's Marvel edition watches.
  2. Water-resistance: These Marvel watches by Citizen feature a water resistance of up to 333 feet, making them suitable for swimming, showering and snorkeling. Engage in some water-based activities without worrying about your watch, and bring the power of your favorite superhero in on the fun.
  3. Quality materials: From mineral crystal windows to stainless steel cases, Citizen watches feature durable materials, so you can purchase with confidence.

Combine the high-quality of Citizen watches with the fun, yet stylish designs of this Marvel superhero collection for a truly amazing timepiece.

Other Features of the Citizen: Marvel Edition Watches

No matter what you like in a watch, you'll be sure to find it in the various styles of this collection. Whether you're a watch collector, superhero fan or both, Citizen has plenty of options you're sure to love. Certain Citizen Marvel watches also feature:

  • Date displays.
  • Chronographs that measure up to 60 minutes.
  • Bracelets with fold-over clasps.
  • Nylon and polyurethane bands with straps and buckles.
  • A 12 and 24 hour time.

Occasions to Wear Marvel Watches by Citizen

Wondering when to wear one of these superhero watches? While there are plenty of occasions that suit different watch styles, you may find these work best for:


  • The weekend: With larger dials and bold designs, a superhero timepiece makes an excellent weekend watch. You won't want to tuck these watches under a jacket sleeve, so be sure to wear shorter sleeves to show off your favorite hero or subtle watch design.
  • Casual wear: From a casual lunch to a day of shopping or staying at home, these watches will add personality to any casual outfit. 
  • Less intense sportswear: If you're engaging in some casual sports or light physical activity, you may find these superhero watches give you the power you need for your workout. Some of the designs feature chronographs, making them excellent options for active individuals engaging in their own superhero training.

Occasions to wear Marvel Watches by Citizen

The neutral colors in many of these watches allow you to wear them with a wide variety of outfits — plus, the durable designs make them suitable for frequent wear. These Citizen watches also make excellent gifts for watch lovers, superhero fans or a combination of the two. 

Who to Gift a Citizen: Marvel Edition Watch To

If a holiday or birthday is coming up, consider giving them the gift of a reliable and stylish watch. Any Citizen option is an excellent choice, but the Marvel edition timepieces are a more personalized gift. Not sure who in your life is a fan of the franchise? Ask around or consider these possibilities:

  • A friend
  • A partner or spouse
  • Children
  • Nephews, nieces and other family members 

Help a friend, loved one or family member start or expand their watch collection with casual or sophisticated superhero options. Anyone in your life may be a superhero fan, whether they enjoy the movies, comic books or other media. Maybe they're a fan of one hero in particular, or maybe they don't have a favorite and would enjoy The Avengers or Marvel comic book characters option.

The superhero line is not exclusive for men's styles, either. Women can sport the Captain Marvel styles to show their love of comic book heroes. Get superhero watches for you and your spouse or give the gift of timepieces with a personal touch to any friend or family member.


Find Citizen: Marvel Edition Watches at Little Switzerland

A timepiece from the Citizen and Marvel collection will make the perfect gift for the superhero fan in your life. If you're looking for superhero watches or other designs, take a look at our assortment of watches and other fine jewelry at Little Switzerland.

We are a luxury jeweler in the Caribbean and have been for over 60 years. As an authorized Citizen watch retailer in the Caribbean, we're proud to offer the new Marvel collection along with well-known favorites. 

Visit us at our stores, shop online or by phone to find your perfect timepiece. Browse our assortment of Citizen timepieces to see the Marvel collection. We'd be happy to help you add to your watch collection or find the perfect gift for a superhero fan in your life.

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