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How to Choose the Best Watches for Every Occasion

Choose the Best Watch For Every Occasion

A dazzling watch can complete your look and set you apart from the crowd. If you're a busy individual moving from activity to another who wants a watch but do not know where to begin when selecting the best watches for every occasion, then this is the right guide for you.

Choosing a watch does not need to be a complicated task. Evaluating your needs will help you expand your watch collection, and soon you'll want a new timepiece for every possible event and activity in your life. We at Little Switzerland are happy to assist you in expanding your collection.

Little Switzerland, the largest jewelry and watch retailer in the Caribbean, features a collection of different watches for different occasions. From professional settings and black tie events to sportswear and weekend casual, we will help you find the best timepieces for your every need. If you aren't sure where to begin or why you would need a variety of watches in your collection, let us assist you.

Why Have Different Watches for Different Occasions

Your current watch may be meant just for special occasions, or you may be looking for one versatile timepiece to wear every day. Owning a variety of watches gives you options and comes with many benefits to you.

  1. Flexible: You can easily match a watch to your look with more options from which to choose. Never worry about clashing black, brown or blue when you have a watch in almost every color.
  2. Stylish: You are sure to dazzle at any event if you wear the appropriate timepiece. Fashion and watches can display a sense of respectability when used correctly.
  3. Variety: You may get tired of the same watch every day after a while. It's nice to have a staple timepiece, but it's even better to shake up the routine.
  4. Precaution: You wouldn't want to wear a more luxurious or less durable piece during activities and exercise. Keep precious pieces safe and wear sturdy watches during your adventures.
  5. Back-ups: You will need to take your watch for service and maintenance over time, and in those moments you'll be glad you have others to wear.

Once you expand your collection, you will discover more and more perks of owning a watch for every occasion. From here, you need to know what sort of watches you require.

How to Pick the Perfect Watch for Every Occasion

Now that you want to expand your timepiece collection, think about why you'll wear your watch, and consider these details:

  • The events, activities and roles in your life
  • What you spend most of your time doing
  • Your style and what you wear to those occasions
  • What you would like to spend on each piece, which will vary depending on its purpose
  • How often you're able to take your piece for maintenance

Keeping these factors in mind will help you choose watches that are best fit for your life.

The simplest way to pick which watch goes best with your look is to match it with what you are wearing to the occasion while factoring in your preferences and tastes. Consider your belt and your shoes in this process. If you're wearing leather, choose a watch with a leather band that matches. Going with boots or boat shoes? The casual event and outfit allow for a more casual watch. While those basics in your look can help dictate your watch style, where you are going also has an impact on the appropriate timepiece.

Consider Your Occasions

You may have an idea of what you need from a watch, but now comes the task of choosing. With such an impressive variety of brands to browse, picking the best watch for all occasions or a particular event is an opportunity to find a piece you'll truly enjoy for years to come.

At Little Switzerland, we are delighted to assist you in expanding your timepiece collection. To get you started in your search, check out our suggestions based on a variety of activities and occasions:

1. Professional Settings

Watches for Professsional settings

When searching for the best watches for interviews, meetings and work, you want something classic. Your watch should convey a sense of elegance without drawing too much attention to itself. In a professional setting, you want your timepiece to reflect professionalism and make it clear how much you value time.

Something minimal, such as the TAG Heuer Carrera, will show everyone in the office that you take pride in your appearance, right down to the watch on your wrist. The brown alligator strap gives this watch a professional and versatile feel that will go with any look. The minimalist face design creates a long-lasting and classic appearance, which means you can wear this piece by TAG Heuer for years to come.

You can also choose between a business formal and business casual watch. Match business formal watches to your suit — or your shoes, as we mentioned before. An everyday yet refined watch is best for your typical day at work. No matter your need, the right watch will impress at conferences, subtly add to your presence in an interview and work well at the office.

2. Weddings and Black Tie Events

While a classic look is great for the everyday workplace, formal events require something a bit more dazzling, so if you find yourself wanting a watch for these dressy occasions, you will want a formal watch in your repertoire.

For a watch that will pair with tuxes, black ties and formal wear, consider a piece like the Omega Speedmaster '57 Co-Axial Chronograph. The sapphire cover is scratch-resistant, which, when combined with the classic appearance, means your watch will last through every black tie event and for years down the line. It could even be a piece you pass on to the next generation for this same purpose.

Reliable, attractive and versatile, this watch adds a formal touch that enhances any look. Whether you're attending a wedding or you're a member of the wedding party, this classic piece, or others like it, will provide just the right amount of elegance for the evening.

You can compare the dimensions of this watch to others, as well, when searching for watches for a black tie event. The lug width, or the measurement of the area where the watch strap fits, should be between 18 and 20 millimeters — giving you an idea of what size timepiece you should aim for in formal wear. The Omega Speedmaster has 20 millimeters between the lugs.

The slimmer the watch, the better it will tuck under your cuff without looking too bulky. It's also best to have a black dial or watch face, as this watch by Omega features, for an appropriate dress watch look. Timepieces with these features tend to be the best wedding watches.

3. Outdoor Use and Sportswear

Outdoor Use and Sportwear

You don't want to head into the great outdoors with your black tie affair piece. For sports and outdoor activities, opt for a more durable and useful watch. Consider one with an integrated chronograph, which measures elapsed time and makes a timepiece practical for sportswear. A lightweight watch with high-quality movement makes a comfortable and useful adornment, as well.

When choosing a sport watch, you could even go with a color a bit more adventurous than your usual silver, black or brown and opt for blue steel like that in the Breitling Superocean Héritage II Chronograph 44. With a steel construction and glare-proofing on both sides, a durable timepiece like this Breitling watch is a perfect fit for outdoor wear.

This timepiece comes complete with a blue rubber strap, which is more water resistant than a leather strap or other material. For a sport watch, choose a shock-resistant piece with a replaceable strap, preferably one made of rubber. You'll want to choose a watch like this one when adventuring in the outdoors. If your outdoor adventures take you directly to the water, you may want to opt for an entirely water-resistant timepiece.

4. Water-Resistant

From diving to swimming to days on the beach, you do not want to risk water damage to your timepiece. Sure, you could leave your watch at home, but a bit of aquatic activity doesn't mean you have to sacrifice looking refined. With a water-resistant watch, you can enjoy luxury and adventure simultaneously.

A timepiece like the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer is the perfect benchmark for a water-resistant watch. With a rubber strap and helium escape valve, this watch can withstand depths of up to 1000 feet.

The helium release valve allows you to adjust the watch to fluctuations in pressure, which prevents the crystal from breaking or coming loose. While the release valve is only necessary for diving, it shows consideration by the Omega brand in creating a water-resistant watch. The valve also demonstrates that the rest of the timepiece is water-resistant. Opt for pieces with this feature when searching for a water-resistant watch.

5. Traveling

Watches to Wear When Travelling

Going from country to country, time zone to time zone can be inconvenient with a watch that can't keep up with you. The traveler needs a watch with universal time, a watch that can adjust as you go. For this purpose, a timepiece such as the Jaeger LeCoultre's Geophysic® Universal Time is a luxurious option.

This watch by Jaeger LeCoultre displays world time with 24 cities throughout the 24 major time zones. You will only need to adjust your local time for this timepiece when traveling instead of constantly adjusting the second or universal time. Set the second time zone in the Geophysic® Universal Time once, and you won't need to change universal time again during travel.

Choose a durable watch for traveling and remember to wear it always or keep it safe and close by your side. If you only want to bring one piece from your collection with you on your travels, select a versatile piece that goes with any look you may end up wearing.

6. Weekend and Casual

When searching for watches for everyday use, consider something on the modest and minimal side. The perfect weekend or casual watch goes with almost anything and does not need to make as much of a statement as more formal pieces. If your weekend can take you from outdoor activities to an evening out, consider a hybrid timepiece that combines sporty durability with a dazzling appearance. No matter your need, you can still find a luxury watch that's best for everyday, casual and weekend wear.

For a casual but still luxurious everyday watch, consider Citizen's Brycen timepiece. The distinguished appearance and leather strap provides flexibility for your weekend life and activities. This watch by Citizen is also powered by light, which means it will never need a battery. The Eco-Drive technology makes the Brycen timepiece perfect for casual wear since it will require less money and time spent on getting the watch serviced. You can also leave a watch like this during the week and not worry about whether it will still be functioning and accurate by the weekend.

The Brycen timepiece is an example of going a bit bigger in size with a weekend watch. While a formal watch should neatly tuck under a sleeve, you do not need to have that concern when it comes to choosing a casual watch. With a 44-millimeter case size, this piece by Citizen is an excellent standard to compare other casual watches. You can also opt for a timepiece with the chronograph feature, as this one has, for a watch with an added bit of practicality for weekend activities.

What to Remember When Choosing a Watch

What to remember when choosing a watch

Overall, remember that your watch should be functional in your life. We recommend some of these basics to consider when purchasing a watch:

  1. Select a watch with features that suit your every need. Choose a light-powered or Eco-Drive option if your hectic life doesn't allow you to drop everything if your watch needs regular maintenance, though we recommend servicing every few years or so depending on your timepiece.
  2. Don't feel as though you need to limit yourself to one watch for every occasion. Especially if you attend formal events, you will want to dress appropriately right down to the watch.
  3. Explore different styles and brands until you find a perfect fit for you. Don't know if you prefer bracelets or a leather strap on your watch? See if customizing the strap is a possibility for a watch you're interested in purchasing. Remember to contact us at Little Switzerland with any questions you have about specific pieces or about choosing a watch in general.

Find Your Perfect Watch for Every Occasion at Little Switzerland

It's great to want to switch up your style, and when adding to your collection, you may realize you have pieces with which you no longer connect. Little Switzerland offers you the ability to trade in or sell your watch when searching for a new one, making the process of expanding your timepiece collection simple.

Now that you know how to select a watch, you may have some ideas on what you would like to add to your timepiece collection. Each of the watches we've recommended will make the perfect choice for every occasion, but why not enjoy the luxury and versatility of having different watches for different occasions? If you're ready to begin your timepiece collection or want to add more watches to your current options, we're happy to help. Call us at (877) 800-9998 or email our Personal Shopping Team at