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The Watch Meghan Markle Is Saving for Her Daughter

Meghan Markle has become a style icon during her short time in the international spotlight. The actress and activist, who married Prince Harry in 2018, carries off a distinctive look that women around the world admire. While the current Duchess of Sussex and her husband plan to take a step back from the royal family, giving up their titles and splitting time between the UK and North America, Markle will be no less a style trendsetter as a private citizen.

In fact, she has one exclusive piece of jewelry she's rumored to be saving for her future daughter, if she and Harry ever bless baby Archie with a little sister. This luxury watch stands out and cements Markle's status as first fashionista of the non-royal world. 

Meghan Markle's Cartier French Tank Watch

Markle made a successful career in Hollywood before she met Prince Harry. She starred on the USA series "Suits," playing Rachel Zane until she left the program in 2018, shortly before her marriage to Harry. 

After the second season of "Suits," which became a hit on the cable network, Markle bought herself a present — a Cartier French tank watch — to celebrate when the show was picked up for a third season. At the time, the future Duchess of Sussex said she had always loved the watch, and she wanted to indulge herself after achieving professional success as a young actress. The Northwestern University graduate even had the watch engraved, noting it was a present from herself. 

Markle purchased the two-tone version of the Cartier women's wrist watch. Royal watchers have noted that Prince Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, a style icon in her own right, also wore two different styles of the Tank Cartier watch. This fact has sparked speculation that Markle bought the watch as a tribute to the princess even before she met Harry.

The actress has said she one day plans to pass the watch down to her daughter, if she has one. She said she values the connection made when people pass on meaningful jewelry to someone important in their lives. Undoubtedly, she has shared her plan with her husband, who also appreciates the value of Markle's gift to herself. 

The Cartier Tank Watch

What attracts dynamic women such as Meghan and Diana to the Cartier Tank watch? It was designed in 1917 by Louis Cartier himself, who gave Gen. John Pershing a prototype of the watch and later launched full production of the piece in 1919. Cartier said he drew inspiration from the tanks used during World War I, and the design has stood the test of time, celebrating its 100th birthday recently and remaining as popular as ever. 

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Jewelry provides a way to leave a family legacy and show how much we care for our loved ones. Meghan and Harry will have many pieces to pass on to their children, but perhaps none more personal than Meghan's watch.

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