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Romantic and Creative Ways to Propose

Romantic and creative ways to propose to your sweetheart

Your significant other means the world to you, and when you know you want to spend your future together, you need a proposal to match how extraordinary your love is. There are infinite possibilities for romantic and creative ways to propose, but you want the best.

The most innovative ways to propose are often the most personal, but there are also classic moments that set the romantic scene just as well. While it isn't possible to say one specific type of proposal is the best, it is possible to decide what would mean the most to you and your partner. In this proposal guide, you'll find suggestions based on classic proposals, the interests of you and your partner and what to keep in mind when you plan.

How Do You Plan a Perfect Proposal?

Before you begin to plan the ideal way to ask for your partner's hand in marriage, consult this proposal guide to narrow down your options and make the best choices. Put thought into as many things as you can for your proposal, and your attention to detail is sure to shine through and result in an unforgettable moment. Here are some factors that go into the most romantic ways to propose.

Pick a Special Day

When you have an idea of the perfect proposal, it's likely not spur of the moment. It's something you've been thinking about and planning, and the more components you have, the more time you'll need to plan. First, choose a special day to propose. As you decide on a day, make sure you think about:

  • When you'll get the engagement ring
  • The weather, if it's an outdoor proposal
  • A day that's special to the two of you
  • If you need to rent out a space


Picking a day can be challenging, especially if you don't know your partner's preferences. Your significant other may want a unique proposal during a time of the year when no one else traditionally proposes, or they may not mind something conventional. For the traditional proposal dates, consider:

  • Christmastime
  • New Year's Eve
  • Valentine's Day
  • An anniversary or another significant date


Of course, there's no need to pick a day that already has significance. Once you propose, that day will become meaningful to both of you. You could, instead, take the season into account, especially if you want to do an outdoor proposal or something that involves the time of the year.


Choose a Public or Personal Proposal

As you plan the perfect proposal, you need to consider whether your partner would want something public and whirlwind or private and intimate. Some significant others prefer a more intimate occasion, and that is understandable. A public proposal draws attention and may put unnecessary pressure on the two of you. A proposal at home or at a serene and secluded location is best for many couples.

Sometimes, a public proposal is unavoidable. A location that's special to the two of you could be a popular spot for visitors, and unless you can rent the space for yourself, you may have some spectators. Consider if the compromise is worth the unique or beautiful location.

Your partner may want a public proposal, though. Being swept up in the whirlwind of a proposal with a crowd to cheer after they say "yes" is romantic to some, so don't dismiss it right away. Just remember that a public proposal can have some unexpected factors, especially with large crowds. You may have to wait to take a photo in front of a beloved landmark, or the crowds could be dense. Also, remember that if you are putting your message somewhere in a public proposal, add your significant other's name, so they know the question is for them.

Your partner may want a proposal that's somewhere between public and personal, with only close family and friends present. This event can take place anywhere from your home to at a special outing or dinner. A proposal like this is special and lets you celebrate immediately, but it may work best if you live near your family and friends or if everyone will already be in town for a family gathering, so plan accordingly.

Choose a public of personal proposal

If your partner hasn't voiced any preference for a public or private proposal, you may have to bring up the subject with friends or family. Make sure they can keep a secret, unless you want word to get back to your special someone that you plan on proposing. You can also try to gauge your partner's interest in a public or private proposal based on their reaction to other proposals they hear about or see on social media.

Go with your instincts if you can't decipher your significant other's preferences. You know their tastes and you understand what would be most meaningful for them, so trust whatever idea you come up with for your proposal.


Capture the Moment

While you could ask a passerby to take a photo of you, you'll feel more at ease if you hire a photographer or videographer to capture your proposal. When you preserve the special moment of your proposal, you'll be able to: 

  • Show friends and family who couldn't make it to the proposal
  • Share the moment with loved ones if you had a private proposal
  • Include it in a slideshow or movie at the wedding
  • Remember the moment after years and years into your marriage


You and your significant other may be so overwhelmed with emotion during the proposal that you may not remember the specifics of the day, so with it captured on photo or video — or better yet, both — you'll be able to relive the moment together again and again.

With a public proposal, it'll be easier to have a photographer or videographer blend in with the crowd. Be sure to give them details about when and where you'll be when you propose so they can prepare.

For a private proposal, it will be a bit more challenging to capture the moment. Suggest taking portraits together in a scenic location, so you are both dressed up for the occasion and look stunning for the photos. Let the photographer know of your plan, so they can time the photos just right.


Creative and Personal Ways to Propose

With those suggestions in mind, it's time to think of romantic and out-of-the-box ways to propose. If you want your proposal to be unique or specially made with your and your partner's relationship as the inspiration, start brainstorming with these tips in mind.

Pick a Meaningful Location

Having a beautiful setting as the backdrop for your proposal is always ideal, but when that location means something to the two of you, you elevate the proposal to a personal and even more romantic moment. Some significant locations you may want to consider include:

  • Where you met
  • Where you had your first date
  • Where you had your first kiss
  • Where you first said, "I love you"
  • A place you've always wanted to visit
  • A place you've visited before and loved


When you choose a location like one of the ones above, it shows that you've reflected on your relationship and put more thought into how you would propose. Visiting such a special place may give your partner a clue into what's going on, so if you want it to be the ultimate surprise, don't tell them where you're going.

Make It More Personal

When planning a creative and personal way to propose, think about your relationship. Using what you did on your first date or something you both have a passion for will add a personal and creative touch to your proposal. See if you bond over any of the following for some creative proposal ideas.

  • Movies: If cinema is a big part of your lives, plan something special at a theater or drive-in. Rent a theater for a showing of your favorite romantic movie, or go with one of the most creative and personal ways to propose and create a film of your lives together, ending with the proposal.
  • Puzzles: If you enjoy puzzles, escape rooms and riddles, create a scavenger hunt leading your significant other to where you'll propose. Use meaningful places from your past that leads your partner to you for the proposal. For a similar style on a less grand scale, get a custom puzzle with a photo of you both and the big question that your significant other will see once they've finished putting the pieces together.
  • Music: If music has played a pivotal role in your lives, play your significant other a special proposal song if you're musically inclined. You can always hire a band for a concert if you aren't musically gifted to preface your proposal with a song that symbolizes your relationship. That song can then make an appearance at your wedding for a romantic touch.
  • Photography: If you have a lot of photos together, have them printed and fill a room with them. Spell out the big question with small pictures on a wall of the room or let the snapshots of your love, life and travels speak for themselves. For something more straightforward, but just as sweet, create a photo album or scrapbook to flip through together and on the last page, feature the big question.
  • Food: If you both bond over food, you have plenty of options for a proposal. Have a baker write your special message on a cake, or go out to an elegant dinner and ask for your partner's hand over dessert. For a private proposal, make your partner's favorite meal at home and get creative with the presentation to include the ring or pop the question.
  • Wine: If you have a favorite wine or other beverage, get a bottle with a custom label asking your partner to marry you. Once they say yes, you can make a toast to all the time you've spent together and the exciting future you have ahead of you both. Save the bottle as a memento and have the same kind of wine or beverage at your wedding to tie everything together.
  • Books: If you bond over literature, incorporate books into your proposal. Propose in the peaceful, yet romantic, quiet of a library, or use your significant other's favorite book or a poetic work to help ask. Open the page to a proposal or quote that reminds you of your love and set the ring on it for your partner to see.


What you do for a personal proposal doesn't have to be extravagant, especially if that isn't your and your partner's preferences. You can keep it simple, yet sweet, with one of the ideas above and customize it with a speech before you ask for your partner's hand in marriage.

Make it more personal

Classic and Romantic Ways to Propose

Maybe your significant other prefers one of the classic, romantic ways to propose or you want something traditional that's tried and true. These proposals can be just as memorable as the others, feeling like a scene right out of a movie. Anything from traditional grand gestures to something simple makes a beautiful or even fun proposal, like:

  • Hiding the ring in a dessert
  • Scattering flower petals and placing candles around the room
  • Asking at a sporting event with the message on a jumbotron


Even if you go traditional, consider what your partner would prefer before you decide. No matter where your perfect proposal takes place, you could enhance the moment and:

  • Plan a special meal after the proposal.
  • Offer flowers with the proposal and the engagement ring.
  • Invite friends and family over or out to dinner after to share the news.


You may even want to combine a personal touch with something time-honored for a proposal that is both classic and creative.


traditional and romantic outdoor proposals

Traditional and Romantic Outdoor Proposals

Ask your question surrounded by the great outdoors for a romantic proposal idea. Be sure to account for the weather and pick the best time of year, and for a traditional proposal that takes place outside, consider:

  • Proposing on a hot air balloon ride
  • Building a sandcastle and topping it with the ring
  • Hiding a message in a bottle and planting it in the water at the right time
  • Hiring a skywriter to let the world know
  • Making your way to the top of a monument and proposing among the view
  • Taking a hike and proposing at the top of the path
  • Going ice skating and asking on the rink


While these are excellent ideas, they'll still be memorable to you and your partner if you make the right choice. Think of what you both enjoy or something your partner has always wanted to see or do. Sometimes your interests will line up with a traditional proposal, and there's nothing wrong with going with a moment that's guaranteed to be romantic.


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