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OMEGA's Role Aboard Apollo 11

Posted on October 17 2019

The world changed forever in the summer of 1969. Between July 16-24, NASA astronauts aboard Apollo 11 proved without a doubt that humankind could not only get to the moon but return safely. What many followers of the moon landing might not know even 50 years after the fact is watchmaker OMEGA enjoyed a special role aboard Apollo 11. In fact, the OMEGA name has enjoyed somewhat underground status among true aeronautics and space buffs since.

OMEGA Makes Its Mark on NASA History

Everything astronauts wore when they were about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime was important. Each artifact they wore needed to have a particular use — right down to the emblems on their spacesuits. That includes the timepieces so relevant in outer space where the modern concept of time can take on skewed dimensions.

Therefore, OMEGA created one of its iconic watches to help the Apollo 11 astronauts achieve their intended task of stepping foot on lunar soil and return safely to Earth. Originally introduced for the Gemini launch, the OMEGA timepiece got its true liftoff in 1969 when Buzz Aldrin's wore an OMEGA Speedmaster Professional chronograph, destined to become referred to as a "Moonwatch." From that point, the OMEGA Moonwatch not only turned into a must-have for the 1969 astronaut pioneers but has been a part of every lunar launch since.

After its unveiling and inception, the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional quickly became a winning option for timepiece collectors and watch lovers worldwide. Yet many owners of this exceptionally crafted instrument have little realization that what they wear today has risen from the legends and spirit of the Apollo moon landing adventure.

OMEGA Moonwatch: Then and Now

The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch was designed like no other watch at the time — focused not just on handsome looks and an adventurous spirit but on luminescence. For example, OMEGA coats the relevant hands of the OMEGA Moonwatch with Super-LumiNova to achieve a vibrancy that makes telling time easy to see on Earth or from the heavens. Specially crafted elements enable wearers to record time at 30-minute or 12-hour intervals. They can also count on a small seconds sub-dial for maximum precision.

Aside from being an asset on the light or dark side of the moon, the OMEGA Moonwatch promises a high degree of fashion. Every OMEGA Moonwatch comes with the option of a traditional strap or designer bracelet to fasten it comfortably and stylishly against the wrist. Available in deeply satisfying neutral-based color combinations of black, white and silver, the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch will continue to be a game-changer.

In addition to regular OMEGA Moonwatch versions, OMEGA released a limited edition Speedmaster Apollo 11 in 2019 to highlight 50 years of humankind's unrivaled spirit, innovation and accomplishments.

Purchase an OMEGA Dark Side Moon Watch From Little Switzerland

Want to reward yourself and celebrate American ingenuity with the purchase of an OMEGA Speedmaster? Visit Little Switzerland in the Caribbean or shop online any time for superior timepieces as iconic and honored as America's moonshot. Or simply call us at (877) 800-9998 to answer your questions.


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