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Designer Spotlight: John Hardy

Posted on February 27 2020

You adore the simple yet elegant jewelry produced by John Hardy. Perfect for a formal occasion but subtle enough to wear on a casual lunch date, this jewelry offers the sophisticated look every woman wants in her favorite pieces. 

You love John Hardy's jewelry, but how much do you know about the brand? Learn more about the history and process of one of the world's most admired jewelry makers — a luxury brand that is dedicated to sustainable practices.

The History of John Hardy Jewelry

In 1975, John Hardy was a Canadian art student. He visited Bali and fell in love with the culture, scenery and people of the island. He apprenticed with a master artisan in his new home country to learn the region's traditional jewelry-making techniques. He learned a variety of ways to make jewelry, such as cut work, woven chain and granulation.

Into each piece, Hardy wove respect for the Balinese culture, creating jewelry that pays respect to the beliefs of the region while also celebrating the indigenous traditions of this wonderful country. In 1989, Hardy founded the John Hardy brand, committing to environmentalism with every piece he produced. 

The John Hardy Design Process

John Hardy has become one of Bali's most prolific employers, with more than 700 workers, many of them multidimensional artisans. They may specialize in watercolors or metalsmithing. They bring their unique talents to the table to create jewelry that's both beautiful and distinctive. Because each piece is made by hand, no two are truly alike. The process starts with an early rough sketch and master casing and proceeds to hand-cutting and finishing to create the distinctive final piece.

Every necklace, earring set, ring or bracelet tells a story. It can take from three to 10 months to produce one piece of jewelry that meets the high standards of John Hardy. Many hands contribute to each piece, and John Hardy continues to honor the spirit of togetherness that defines the brand. John Hardy sponsors an apprenticeship program that offers lifelong jobs to the people of Bali and gives back through a program that provides meals to local residents.

John Hardy's Commitment to Making Sustainable Jewelry

How the materials for the jewelry are sourced is just as critical as the process of jewelry making. John Hardy is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which promotes intelligent business practices to obtain supplies for jewelry. The company only uses conflict-free gemstones, and all its materials are ethically produced. 

The packaging used for John Hardy jewelry is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which oversees economic benefits to trees. When you shop from the John Hardy collection, the company plants bamboo seeds that create a more sustainable future for Bali. All printing takes place using soy ink.

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