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Breitling's Premier Limited Edition Wheels and Waves

Posted on December 02 2019

Every timepiece collector gravitates toward the latest limited models from their favorite watch designers. Breitling enthusiasts will surely fall head over heels for the recently unveiled Breitling Wheels and Waves watch. First launched at the Biarritz Wheels and Waves festival, the instrument is a nod to the exciting sports of surfing and motorcycling. As a crossover piece with widespread appeal, it is destined to become one of the 2019 Breitling watches to remember.

Breitling Wheels and Waves Combines Passion and Fashion to Create Unsurpassed Great Looks

Whenever Breitling announces a limited edition watch, the world takes notice. The watchmaker has held a top spot in its industry for more than a century and consistently ranks among the top timepieces globally. In fact, plenty of watch wearers celebrate being Breitling fans, proudly showing off their models daily.

What makes the Breitling Wheels and Waves particularly unique is its hat-tip to recreational adventures and high-powered sports. Plus, it is only available in small quantities. Breitling has ensured the Wheels and Waves will become an heirloom level piece of artisan, precision functional jewelry by making it an exclusive instrument.

Each Breitling Wheels and Waves instrument is much more than the sum of its parts, which are designed with speed and durability in mind. From skateboarders to parkour ninjas, athletes unsatisfied with less rigorous pursuits have inspired the creation of the Breitling Wheels and Waves. Of course, its name stems from the renowned French festival attracting guests with high expectations. And it only makes sense Breitling, the official timekeeper of the Wheels and Waves Festival, would lead the pack in providing a special edition watch that leaves all others in the dust.

Breitling Special Edition: The Epitome of Timepiece Luxury

Aside from the general Breitling buzz surrounding the punk-meets-power Wheels and Waves 2019 Limited Edition model, the watch has some fairly exciting characteristics that solidify its place in the long-standing Breitling legacy:


  • Engraved casing: Along the side of the Breitling Wheels and Waves, the makers have affixed the word "SPECIAL." Let there be no doubt that this is, indeed, the real deal and as authentic as they come.
  • Anthracite dial: Attractive and easy to read, the dial on the Breitling Wheels and Waves has all the standard elements but chooses richly hued hour markers to show the time. Additionally, the watch face combines both golden and red aspects to provide a more eye-catching designer flair.
  • Breathtaking fashion-forward design: Available in both stainless steel and 18k red gold, this is one of Breitling's most elegant, stand-out watches for 2019.
  • Superior battery reserve: Breitling goes further than simply outfitting its special edition instrument with the highest quality movement. As a back-up, the Breitling Wheels and Waves promises an impressive 70 hours of power reserve, which is perfect for wearers who would rather focus on their sport than worry about their watch.

Purchase 2019 Breitling Watches From Little Switzerland

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