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Which Color Diamond Should I Buy for an Engagement Ring?

Which color diamond should I buy

You've likely heard of the 4Cs for diamonds before — clarity, cut, carat and color. For a white diamond, color refers to a lack of color, but these gemstones come in desirable shades other than white. You can even get colored diamond engagement rings but are they the right choice? And if they are, which color diamond should you buy for an engagement ring?

This colored diamond guide will help you make the right, beautiful choice for your proposal. When you pop the question, do it with a stunning and unique colored diamond engagement ring.

Should I Consider Colored Diamonds for an Engagement Ring?

Before you decide which color diamond to buy for an engagement ring, you may wonder if you should even consider them. Your partner's tastes will guide your decision the most, but you should consider colored diamonds for an engagement ring. They are unique and beautiful choices that expand your engagement ring options. There are some things to know about these diamonds before you begin to think about what color to choose.

First, it is reassuring to know that a colorful diamond has the same hardness as a white diamond, receiving a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means a colorful diamond will be as long-lasting as a white diamond. It's also possible to distinguish a real colored diamond from imitations by testing the hardness of the gemstone. That reassurance will help you make your decision, but there is still more to know.

Are Colored Diamonds More Expensive?

It's worth noting that colored diamonds are rare, and because of that, mined varieties of these diamonds are very expensive. Lab-created colored diamonds can be less expensive, so that may be the best choice if you want to propose with a striking, colored diamond. Of course, the overall price of the engagement ring also depends on the:

  • The size of the colored diamond
  • How vivid the color is
  • If the ring includes other diamonds
  • The material of the band


If you were already planning on finding a large or near-perfect white diamond, you would have a generous budget for your engagement ring. Such a sentimental and important piece of jewelry is worth it, especially for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, so you should consider choosing a stunning colored diamond option.

How Are Colored Diamonds Graded?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) creates grading scales for white and colored diamonds. It is more complicated to define color in diamonds rather than the absence of it in white diamonds, so the scales differ.

Color can appear different to different people and in various lighting conditions. If the color of the surrounding room is not neutral, that may also impact how the color of a diamond appears. GIA needed to develop consistent standards for grading colored diamonds, so it:

  • Found reference diamonds to compare to colored diamonds
  • Created official terminology for describing the gemstones
  • Uses a neutral-colored environment and color-balanced lighting during testing


With consistent conditions, GIA's lab assesses colored diamonds with tested and trained graders to ensure accuracy. GIA uses those standards to measure the saturation or intensity of color in a diamond, grading it on a scale that includes:

  • Faint
  • Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy deep


The farther down the scale a colored diamond is, the more recognizable its color will be. The color can also change as it gets more vivid. A pink diamond falls in the middle of the scale while a red diamond is near the fancy deep classification for a pink diamond.

How are color diamonds graded?


Consistent grading reassures customers that the colored diamonds they select for engagement rings are real diamonds and have the color intensity they desire. It can also make pricing more straightforward, with fancy deep diamonds having greater value than a faint diamond.

Which Color Diamond Should I Choose?

To choose a colored diamond, consider the saturation of the gemstone's color and your partner's tastes. Would your significant other prefer a vivid color or something more subtle? You can also consider your partner's favorite color to incorporate into the engagement ring.

Whatever your significant other's favorite color, there is likely a diamond that represents it. Colored diamonds are available in every color of the rainbow, including:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red


You'll most often find blue, yellow and pink diamond engagement rings where the color typically falls within the fancy or fancy intense categories. Fancy deep shades like red are rarer, so if you do find them, they will likely have a higher price.

If you're not sure about a colored diamond, you could select a ring that balances it with:

  • A halo of white diamonds around the colorful one
  • Pave white diamonds on the band

You can also select an engagement ring that features a white diamond as the center stone and accents it with colorful diamonds on the sides. Be sure at least to consider a ring with a colorful center diamond, as they carry sentimental meanings and are a beautiful option to offer your significant other.

What Do Color Diamonds Mean?

You can make your choice between colored diamonds a bit simpler if you consider the meanings of the hues. Choose a meaning that is special to you and your significant other's relationship, or see what the meaning of your partner's favorite color holds.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

A pink diamond engagement ring is gentle and feminine. It is romantic and delicate, but the diamond, like your love, will be forever. A blush-colored diamond for your blushing bride evokes her graceful beauty and your love and happiness together.

Pink diamond engagement ring

The color of the band and setting can also come into play for a pink diamond engagement ring. Choose rose gold as a unique and equally gentle touch that will help the pink diamond stand out even more. 

Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland offers a pink diamond engagement ring with a white diamond halo and a pave band in rose gold. This ring shows off the color of the diamond with an elegant and romantic style you'd expect to see in an engagement ring, and the rose gold band gives a soft, warm hue to the pink diamond.

Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

A blue diamond engagement ring reflects the depth of the sea and the sky in its meaning. If you and your significant other have an adventurous spirit, celebrate your upcoming adventure into marriage with this shade that represents the excitement of the unknown. Blue is also known to represent loyalty and trust, essential pillars in a marriage.

This Engrace Diamonds by Little Switzerland blue diamond engagement ring shows off the dazzling blue diamond with a complimentary white gold band. With a white gold or silver setting, blue diamonds will appear their bluest and any surrounding white diamonds will help the center stone dazzle even more.

The neutral and slightly cool tone of these metals helps create a more pure looking blue rather than a more yellow or warm shade. Yellow gold bands with a blue diamond can create a stunning contrast, though, since they are complementary colors, so decide based on your significant other's preferences.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

A yellow diamond engagement ring adds a cheerful touch to your partner's ring finger. Choose this color diamond to remind your significant other of the happy time you spent together and the happier years you have ahead. If your significant other loves this cheery color, you may have an easier time finding the perfect ring because yellow is among the more common colored diamonds.

To bring out the warm hues of a yellow diamond, choose a yellow gold band and setting. If that seems to blend the diamond in with the band and you'd rather it be more visible, white gold or silver provides a more neutral background that lets the yellow stand out on its own.

Other Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many more brilliant shades of diamonds out there to consider, so what do these diamond colors mean? Some other popular colors for diamond engagement rings include:

  • Red: Evoke the passion of your relationship with an intense red diamond engagement ring. Red is a classic symbol of love and romance, making it the perfect hue for an engagement ring's gemstone. Remember that these diamonds are rarer than other shades because they need to be deep and vivid or they appear pink.
  • Purple: To you, your partner is royalty, so let her know with a purple engagement ring. Purple can also be a calming color, but even more than that, it represents magic, mystery and passion. Unlock the mysteries that your future holds together by proposing with a purple diamond.
  • Green: Begin the rest of your life together with a green diamond as the lush color represents life and prosperity. You'll find green diamonds in complex shades and hues that create yellow-green and blue-green gemstones, so you can get what suits your partner's style. The material of the band, as well as surrounding conditions and light, can also influence the appearance of a green diamond. For a particular green shade, be sure to see how GIA grades the hue.
  • Orange: This color radiates energy and enthusiasm, so an orange diamond engagement ring represents the excitement you and your partner share for your future together. The vivid color can also represent the courage you both have as you embark on a new journey together.
  • Chocolate: These sophisticated diamonds range in shades from champagne to rich, chocolate brown, all symbolizing elegance and strength. They often accent a white diamond in an engagement ring, but they make a luxurious center stone, as well.


The current trend for colored diamond engagement rings is either to select one color for the center stone or one color as the accent. While other colors go well together, such as purple and blue, most designs do not currently combine them in one band, so have one color in mind as you shop for the perfect ring.

Is A Colored Diamond the Right Choice for an Engagement Ring?

With so many meanings to unlock and the same strength as a white diamond, colored diamonds have a lot to offer in jewelry. Remember to consider your significant other's preferences above all else, but know that if she wants a colored diamond engagement ring, she'll get something that is:


Colored diamonds have been a trend on the rise ever since celebrities and royalty got engaged with colorful gemstone jewelry. Past engagement rings included gemstones with rich hues like sapphire or rubies, but today, it's become a popular choice to get those colors in a durable diamond that will last forever.

Be Unique


Everyone wants an engagement ring that stands out from the others, and a colored diamond gives any band a unique touch. These gemstones are rarer than others, and when they're arranged on an elegant engagement ring, you add something new and exciting to the already stunning traditional engagement ring.


The soft colors of these diamonds exude romance, perfect for a ring that will mark the beginning of your and your partner's life together. While pink and red are classic romantic shades, any color in an engagement ring will provide sentimental reflections of your love. Loyalty, prosperity and all the good things you want for your future together will dazzle throughout a colored diamond.


When you choose a colored diamond engagement ring, you put thought into the decision. You think about your partner's tastes and what she would want to wear, and you consider the meaning of the color in the diamond. While you'd certainly put plenty of thought into a white diamond engagement ring, a colorful option has an enhanced personal touch for both you and your partner. Your spouse-to-be will love wearing and showing off such a personal engagement ring that puts her personality on display.

Maintaining Tradition

While colored diamonds are a unique choice, the fact that they are still diamonds makes them fit in with engagement traditions. Diamonds are forever, whether they are colorless, pink, yellow, blue or anything between. Many colored diamond engagement rings feature the same popular shapes and cuts you'd find in a traditional white diamond engagement ring but with a touch of elegant color.


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