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Shop With Us to Find Beautiful Swarovski Jewelry and Crystal

The Austrian company Swarovski is named for Daniel Swarovski, who was born in the 1800s in what was then Bohemia. He became a glass cutter and eventually came up with a method for using a cutting machine to produce crystal glass. Swarovski's vision? To create, as he called it, a diamond for everyone, hence the smaller size of these "gems." By the early 1900s, his operations had expanded to France. Soon, the Swarovski name was synonymous with high-quality crystal.

The company makes gorgeous jewelry that sparkles and shines. When you add a piece from Swarovski to an outfit, you instantly glow a little brighter. Swarovski continues to produce amazing pieces that deserve a spot in your armoire.

You can find Swarovski crystal and accessories when you visit Little Switzerland. Our stores located across the Caribbean — including Barbados and St. Thomas — have an excellent selection from this world-renowned jewelry brand. You can recognize a Swarovski piece in a moment from its unique appearance and exceptional craftsmanship. Visit our store to see why Swarovski inspires such a following all over the world.

Buy Distinctive Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Jewelry should serve as the finishing touch to any great outfit, and you need pieces for different ensembles and occasions. Having the right jewelry on-hand can help you feel more confident and dynamic. Discover the right Swarovski pieces for you by coming to see what we have to offer. Enjoy our great variety to flatter any style of dress.

Perhaps you want to treat yourself to a new item to commemorate your incredible vacation. Or maybe you want to bring back an unforgettable present for someone special back home. You can find the right jewelry when you shop with Little Switzerland. Our Swarovski pieces make the perfect complement to every outfit, in every situation.

Find Out More About Our Financing Plan When You Buy Swarovski Crystal

We provide a unique financing option available exclusively to Little Switzerland clients that does not require any down payment. You receive a revolving credit line at our store that refreshes as you pay down the balance. You can earn up to 36 months of financing without interest — the more you spend with us, the longer term you will receive. Then, you can make a minimum monthly payment for the length of your term when the balance is due.

We encourage you to apply for our financing plan before you go on vacation. Or, give us a call at (877) 800-9998 and start shopping today. One of our helpful Personal Shopping Consultants can answer any questions you may have about Swarovski jewelry and accessories.