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The Most Expensive Watch in the World

You are probably familiar with the most expensive luxury watch brands in the world. But do you know which company produces the single most expensive watch? Patek Philippe holds that honor. The Swiss manufacturer, which has been in business for more than 150 years, is renowned for the technical prowess of its watches. Their precision and beauty put them a cut above other luxury watches. Patek Philippe's watch collection is truly exquisite, and it's clear why people are willing to pay for those qualities. 

While there's only a single watch that ranks as the most expensive, Patek Philippe has more than one watch that has sold for millions. Which one takes the top spot as the most expensive wristwatch in the world? Let's take a look at the exclusive selection as well as other watches sold by Patek Philippe.

World's Most Expensive Watch: 1518 Stainless Steel

Patek Philippe made only four watches in its 1518 series in stainless steel, making this an exceedingly rare watch. You can also find 1518 in yellow and rose gold at a smaller price point.

The watch is one of just a few Patek Philippe models with perpetual calendar chronographs, and it also includes a moon phase indicator. The perpetual calendar module, courtesy of Piguet, and the unique date display function add to the watch's exclusivity. 

One of the four 1518 Stainless Steel watches is displayed in Geneva at the Patek Philippe Museum. Another is owned by a former Romanian ruler. A third sold at auction to become the most expensive watch in the world. The winning bid came in at an incredible $11 million — making it the most valuable watch in the world.

You can get Patek Philippe watches that cost less than that record-setting price. Here are some of the manufacturer's other standout watches. 

Patek Philippe Watches

Stainless steel is the rarest shade of Patek Philippe watch. The Nautilus watches have an exclusive build and high-quality parts, although all of its categories are well-made and fall under the luxury watch umbrella. Patek Philippe only chooses a few authorized partners to sell its watches, including Little Switzerland.

In addition to very rare watches that cost millions of dollars, such as the Patek 1943 Ref 1527 or Patek 1951 Ref 2499, look for the Aquanaut and Calatrava models.


The Aquanaut watches meld casual elegance with gorgeous aesthetics. When you purchase one of these watches, you receive unmistakable brand quality combined with features such as high-tech aspects that give you the best timekeeping experience.


The Calatrava category consists of round wristwatches with an understated beauty that appeals to a wide variety of buyers across all generations. If you desire classic luxury, then Calatrava watches will deliver.

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