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Five Reasons Why Jewelry Makes the Best Gift

Why should you give jewelry as a gift? The right necklace, bracelet, earrings or other piece adds sparkle to any special occasion. And jewelry isn't just for women, either. You can even find gift jewelry for the men in your life, such as cufflinks or a bracelet.

Here are five reasons you should buy jewelry for someone you care about.

1. Makes a Nice Birthday Memory

Birthdays are about memories, and your gifts should make your loved one feel especially treasured on their special day. Jewelry can help achieve that feeling. For example, your wife, daughter or niece will never forget the birthday when you popped a lovely Lagos ring on their finger. They will remember the exact moment in time when you leaned over with the gift, and they will think of you every time they wear this exquisite piece.

You can also buy presents that feature your loved one's birthstone. For someone you love with a birthday in February, for instance, you might choose Marco Bicego Amethyst Earrings.

2. Commemorates a Special Anniversary

Big anniversaries deserve big recognition. You can make your spouse feel extra special by splurging on a piece of jewelry they've had their eye on. In fact, if you can find out what they've been admiring and buy it as a surprise, you may create a moment you both will cherish for years.

Another great reason to gift jewelry on an anniversary is that it gives you a chance to indulge in the fun tradition of buying gifts by year. For example, the first anniversary is paper, and the fifth is wood. Make a big impression on year 15, the crystal anniversary, with a gorgeous Swarovski piece.

3. Completes a Wedding Outfit

Have you been puzzling over what thank-you present to get your groomsmen or bridesmaids for your upcoming wedding? The best jewelry gift for men is a pair of John Hardy cufflinks they can wear during the ceremony. Likewise, buy all the bridesmaids matching heart diamond bracelets to ensure everyone wears something meaningful on the big day. 

4. Commends Hard Work at Graduation

A high school or college graduation is worth celebrating in the biggest way possible. This huge achievement honors your graduate's hard work. You can honor them by purchasing a piece of jewelry they will feel proud to wear into the next phase of their lives, such as a sophisticated pendant from Roberto Coin.

5. Suits Any Occasion, Big or Small

Why is jewelry a good gift? Because it is universally beloved. Everyone likes receiving jewelry. If you don't know someone very well, buying jewelry is an easy way to bridge that gap. On the other hand, if you buy jewelry for someone you know very well, it's a way to acknowledge your shared bond. Jewelry's versatility and varied price points make it one of the only gifts that work for any occasion.

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