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Breitling Superocean 2019 Collection

As classically rugged and high-performing as other timepieces in the magnificent Breitling heritage, the newly unveiled Breitling Superocean 2019 Collection is destined to become a favorite among dive watch enthusiasts. The Breitling Superocean chronograph lives up to its namesakes by offering precision, durability and designer looks among the 24 models.

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Breitling Superocean Mingles Vintage Appeal With Contemporary Charm

The Breitling Superocean heritage began in 1957 when the respected watchmaker unveiled its first dive watch. Ahead of its time and offering unparalleled dependability, the Breitling Superocean could withstand dives of a few hundred meters. This helped it stand out among divers who needed a consistent instrument that could withstand their unique recreational pursuits.

Along with high performance, the vintage Breitling Superocean watches stood out for having out-of-the-water appeal. Unlike utilitarian dive watch models, they had a sense of trendiness that eventually made them popular with everyone from surfers to beachgoers. As the decades passed, the Breitling Superocean continued to lead the way in superior dive watches with a stylish twist.

Today's newest Breitling Superocean 2019 Collection echoes its predecessors in all aspects. Each timepiece has been magnificently and fastidiously crafted, leaving nothing to chance. From bold numbering and colors to assortment of size options, the Breitling Superocean is a must-have timepiece for anyone who values wearing a watch that marries fashion and function.

Breitling Superocean Chronograph Plays on Its Heritage With Stand-Out Characteristics

What makes the latest Breitling Superocean dive watch collection both alike and different from their vintage watch-family members? Several key attributes add a distinctive element to these timepieces:


  • Wide range of case sizes: To appeal to both male and female dive watch lovers, Breitling has introduced several Breitling Superocean case sizes. The biggest among them clocks in at an impressive 48 mm, offering an imposing presence for any wearer who can sport a handsome, extra-large watch. At the other end of the spectrum, the 36 mm model will help those with smaller wrists take the plunge into the world of the Breitling Superocean.
  • Superior water-resistance ratings: Although not everyone who purchases a Breitling Superocean chronograph is a serious diver, those who are will be pleased with its water-resistance ratings. From 200 to 2,000 meters, the dive watch promises peace of mind without compromise whether its owner is going deep or taking a refreshing dip.
  • Luminescence in multiple locations: As anyone who has worn a dive watch knows, being able to clearly see and read a timepiece in and out of the water is essential. Featuring large, Arabic numerals and a crystal element above the 12-o'clock mark, the Breitling Superocean makes itself noticeable for all the right reasons.
  • Various dial models: What could be more vintage Breitling Superocean than having a few dial face choices? In addition to more traditional steel, black and white combinations, the new Breitling Superocean 2019 Collection has added an orange face to the family for shoppers looking for out-of-the-ordinary timepieces.
  • Reliable Breitling tracking movement: Finally, the Breitling Superocean has all the internal trappings that make it a Breitling. Caliber 17 movement and a battery with a 38-hour reserve are just two of its most attractive characteristics.

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