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Perfect Jewelry For Everyone: Adjustable Bracelets

Most jewelry comes one-size-fits-all, and some people have trouble with the fit of a single-sized bracelet. Bracelets that are too loose slide up and down the arm and can get stuck around the hand.

If you want to find bracelets for small wrists, you will love adjustable slider bracelets. This jewelry can adjust to fit the exact size of your wrists, appearing as >though it was custom-designed for you. Learn more about these fantastic, versatile pieces and shop for an adjustable bracelet for yourself or someone you love.

What Is an Adjustable Bracelet? 

An adjustable bracelet allows you to control the size of the jewelry around your wrist. Adjustable bracelets have a clasp that lets you make them bigger or smaller. A teen can adjust the size of her first tennis bracelet as she grows up, or a petite woman can change the size to fit her small wrists. Adjustable bracelets are an ideal way to celebrate all body shapes and find a bracelet your loved one will adore. 

Advantages of Buying Adjustable Slider Bracelets

When you invest in adjustable bracelets, you enjoy many advantages. At all our locations across the Caribbean, we meet shoppers who want to find jewelry that offers the right fit, and many of them ask about adjustable bracelets. We understand why this is such a desirable quality for those purchasing jewelry.

A few of the benefits of choosing adjustable bracelets include: 


  • Best fit: Jewelry that looks as though it was made for your wrist appears more elegant and sophisticated than ill-fitting jewelry.
  • Safety: When you wear a bracelet that's too loose, you could snag it on something or it could fly off your wrist and become lost. The best way to keep your bracelet safe is to ensure it's the right size for you.
  • Attention to detail: Putting together an outfit requires considering how each piece fits into your look. Choosing a bracelet that fits well creates a better impression, whether you are going out to lunch with clients or attending a dinner for an important nonprofit. 


Adjustable Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Every woman wants a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet for her wardrobe. These pieces are ideal for work, formal gatherings or casual luncheons. Finding an adjustable option lets women who have smaller wrists enjoy the beauty of these pieces. Consider these stunning options:


  • LITTLE SWITZERLAND: 1CTW Bolo Adjustable Diamond Tennis Bracelet: A recent addition to the Little Switzerland Diamond Collection, this beautiful, timeless bracelet is perfect for taking on vacation or dressing up a casual outfit.
  • LITTLE SWITZERLAND: 1.50CTW Bolo Adjustable Diamond Tennis Bracelet: You can adjust the size of this dazzling bracelet with ease, and stacking a few of them makes for an unforgettable look.


Find an adjustable bracelet you love from Little Switzerland. Contact us online or call (877) 800-9998 to discuss our selection.