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2020 Trend: Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Posted on April 29 2020

Nature-Inspired Jewelry

The stunning jewelry trends of 2020 include an array of styles, and nature-inspired jewelry is among the most beautiful. From contemporary and abstract styles to elegant, vintage-inspired pieces, this 2020 trend sees nature-inspired jewelry take many forms.

Adorn yourself with elegant florals, put your personality on display with animal themes or go subtle with natural inspiration. See how you can try this trend for yourself in any way that suits your style as we explore nature-inspired jewelry in the below guide.

What Is Nature-Inspired Jewelry?

Nature-inspired jewelry comes in many forms and styles, from abstract earrings to necklaces with natural materials. Take a bit of nature along no matter where your day takes you with these new trends:

  • Environmental and ethical responsibility: As a 2020 trend, nature-inspired jewelry strives to meet the current jewelry ethos. Consumers today look for responsibly-sourced materials that reduce their impact on the environment. Designers create these pieces in sustainable and ethical ways. Those conscience-forward ideals will continue to be on the rise in tomorrow's trends. Nature-inspired jewelry is a great yet subtle way to show your dedication to responsible sourcing.
  • Unique styles: People want to accessorize to feel stylish yet unique, letting their personality shine through in everything they wear. They hunt for antique pieces that no one else will have or search for new jewelry that has touches they've never seen before. These shoppers hope to discover something that sets them apart from the crowd. Natural themes lend themselves to unique outcomes in jewelry, as you'll see.
  • Runway appearances: Designers often model trends after what appears on the runway. Natural styles, with textured materials and colorful designs, have made an appearance on various fashion runways. While those are a bit too bold for everyday wear, though, designers have created wearable styles for the average consumer.


Nature-inspired jewelry is the perfect way to add a unique yet trending touch to any outfit. If you haven't seen the style before, you might not know what to expect. Here are some styles and features of nature-inspired jewelry that we expect will pop up everywhere this year.



When you picture nature-inspired jewelry, you may imagine literal takes on the theme. While there are literal representations of nature in this trend, abstract styles add a contemporary twist. Abstract nature-inspired jewelry features subtle textures and colors, including:

  • Lush yellows and greens
  • Calming shades of blue
  • Rounded, natural shapes
  • Rough, visible textures
  • Subtle animal- and plant-inspired shapes


Abstract jewelry

Hammered metals, circular accents and other elegant features make eye-catching appearances in this jewelry, whether abstract or literal. Choose yellow gold to add warmth to abstract pieces or white gold for a sleek, contemporary look.


Animal Motifs

Evoke the majestic wildlife of the world with whimsical styles that portray your favorite animals. These playful pieces add personality to your accessories in colorful forms. With monochromatic metals, you'll get a unique touch of wild elegance and sophistication.

Animal motifs aren't new with snake rings and insect brooches making appearances in the past. There are plenty more animals to discover, though. Nature-inspired jewelry today features creatures rarely seen and traditional animals with a revamp. They range in anything from beachy seahorse charms to mighty elephant pendants.

If an obvious animal isn't your style, go for something a bit more elegant. Combine the abstract with animal motifs for a more subtle take on this trend that may feature:

  • Feathers: Delicate feathers make an appearance throughout many jewelry styles, from boho to vintage and more. They call to the wild without giving an overwhelming sense of the outdoors. A diamond feather necklace adds elegance to the trend, elevating the animal motif to a luxurious state.
  • Scales: Pieces that feature scales are a subtle nod to aquatic and reptilian creatures. Layered, circular shapes create the effect of scales. This may be in a contemporary, three-dimensional cluster or a classy, smooth layout. The scales may feature hammered metal for dimension or smooth pieces to create a sleek look.
  • Wings: From birds to insects, the winged creatures of the animal kingdom explore the world with what makes an excellent abstract touch to jewelry. Butterfly wings with open, circular patterns are a popular option for a touch of whimsy. You may also see more abstract takes that appear as tapered ovals, creating the silhouette of a wing.

Some pieces represent the entire animal in an abstract way, not just a part of it. A snake cuff, for example, winds around the wrist and features scale-like textures, but the lack of a face or similar details creates a more elegant look. Silhouettes of animals achieve a similar style.


Natural Materials

The natural inspiration comes through in literal ways with materials from land and sea. These materials may appear in resin, as pendants, ring and bracelet bands or other components of stunning pieces:

  • Bamboo
  • Bone
  • Flowers
  • Rocks
  • Seashells
  • And more


Designers may also use metals to represent these materials. Representations of these natural materials create a durable piece that also feels more formal.

You may already own natural materials. Gemstones are mined as natural materials, but once cut and polished, they gain a more industrial feel. Maintain the natural inspiration with raw gemstones or pearl jewelry, which combine texture with class.


Plant Motifs

Leaves, flowers, twisting branches and other natural touches appear throughout this nature jewelry trend. Plants and flowers often inspire art, and jewelry is no exception. So many interpretations mean you have a wide array of styles when it comes to plant motif jewelry, such as:

  • Boho
  • Tropical
  • Modern
  • Elegant
  • Feminine
  • Delicate


Plant Motifs


These and other styles may combine depending on the jewelry you choose, making this motif perfect for a range of tastes. Try the natural trend with any of these beautiful pieces and features:


  • Pendants and charms with petals like a flower, either in metal colors or with gemstones
  • Metallic hues of leaves from tropical to rustic varieties
  • Floral drop earrings for a more literal interpretation
  • Charms with the silhouette of an oak tree to symbolize its strength
  • palm tree pendant for a tropical feel 

As you'll find with animal motif jewelry, plant themes offer abstract and literal interpretations of nature.



We've highlighted the return of pearl jewelry that combines natural and vintage styles, but other antique looks are making appearances in 2020 jewelry trends. Among the most popular natural vintage styles are florals and insects, which come through in:

Natural pieces with vintage inspiration feel unique, elegant and often whimsical all at once. You can search your jewelry collection for antique and vintage pieces, or you could shop for new ones that draw inspiration from the past.


Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

Jewelry with natural themes works well for the everyday accessory, but it can also look beautiful for formal and sentimental jewelry. This year's trend has taken over the engagement ring world with styles ranging from unique to classic with subtle natural touches. Some of those natural features include:

  • Textured bands that have the look of sturdy tree branches
  • Twisting bands that look like vines entangled together
  • Leaf-shaped accents, some abstract and others more defined


Along with these shapes, a flower engagement ring emphasizes the romantic and feminine nature of the ring. Florals come through in various ways, such as:

  • Bold, unique looks: While a cocktail ring isn't a traditional engagement ring, it would be a unique option. White diamonds keep the ring traditional while colored diamonds in shades like orange or pink create a beautiful blossom in nature-inspired engagement rings.
  • Delicate designs: For a subtle touch, select a ring that is traditional for the most part but features small, nature-inspired accents. With rose gold or other metal accents on both sides of the center stone, the ring can have the look of a romantic rose. A curved band is even more delicate with a natural shape but no literal nature motifs.
  • Natural colors: For an even more subtle nod to nature, choose colored diamonds. Green or yellow diamonds with their vivid hues create nature-inspired engagement rings without being obvious. The stones may be set in a vague floral shape to enhance the theme but still maintain delicate beauty.

The feelings that nature can evoke — rebirth, adventure or endless possibilities — can also be parallels for the adventure of marriage, making a nature-inspired or flower engagement ring the perfect choice, especially this year.


Statement Pieces of Nature-Inspired Jewelry

The jewelry trends of 2020 emphasize standing out with statement pieces. These styles combine the desire to have unique accessories in anything from fun to bold designs with the natural touch. For nature-inspired statement jewelry, consider:

  • Large pieces: With large jewelry also on-trend, you can combine two popular styles in one. Natural jewelry with impressive pendants and eye-catching earrings are sure to draw attention. In this case, bigger is better, so opt for pieces that take on animal or plant motifs in dramatic ways.
  • Colorful options: Make a statement with saturated colors or complex, vivid pieces. Floral inspirations often feature many colors or bright hues, so consider a large flower ring that includes your favorite colors. These colors may come through gemstones or other materials to create tropical, playful and stand-out styles.
  • Literal interpretations: To make a statement in another way, choose nature-inspired jewelry that doesn't hide its inspiration in an abstract design. Animal motifs are a great choice here, so don a bold pendant that features creatures such as a rose gold crab to infuse your look with flair.
  • Gemstone-encrusted accents: Add sparkle to your accessories for elegant statement pieces. Shells and sand dollar pendants with a pave of diamonds dazzle to create a luxurious yet natural design. With a cover of gemstones, pieces like these are sure to stand out among the crowd.


Crab necklace

Of course, if bold styles aren't for you, the 2020 trend of nature-inspired jewelry still has delicate and subtle styles to offer that you can easily wear every day or to formal events.


When and How to Wear Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Appropriate occasions for this 2020 trend depend on the style you're wearing. Nature-inspired pieces come in bold and delicate styles, so choose what you wear based on the occasion:

  • Every day: Subtle touches and natural materials are perfect for everyday wear. Floral studs are small enough to be a subtle touch to any outfit but beautiful enough to suit the trend.
  • An evening out: Choose abstract natural pieces for something more formal. A hammered yellow gold ring evokes natural textures but still maintains its class. 
  • On vacation: Sandy beaches and tropical paradises are perfect places to wear natural jewelry inspired by these dreamy destinations. Wear starfish stud earrings, seashell designs or palm tree pendants to evoke the island feel.

Your overall style will also determine when and how you can wear nature-inspired jewelry. If you often wear bold looks and accessories, don't be afraid to add literal interpretations of nature into your everyday wear.

If you don't have any natural jewelry in your collection, this year is the time to expand your style. You can search for jewelry that infuses your tastes with natural designs, but some brands offer nature-inspired jewelry collections.


John Hardy Bamboo Collection

With over 40 years of experience creating sustainable jewelry designs, John Hardy infuses nature into many stunning accessories. While hammered metal and cobra motifs infuse natural themes in John Hardy's creations, the Bamboo Collection uses natural elements to add texture and contemporary, tropical style. Some of the collection includes these showstopping pieces:

The John Hardy Bamboo Collection infuses the edgy, the elegant and other styles in sustainable pieces. Add a touch of the tropical feel to your outfits with a John Hardy Bamboo accessory.


Roberto Coin Princess Flower Collection

Floral designs are feminine and elegant. In the Roberto Coin Princess Flower Collection, the options are simple yet striking and all suit the nature trend. Experience the exquisite craftsmanship in styles like these:

Select any of these stunning designs for a timeless piece that will suit the trends of today and tomorrow.


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Browse our fine jewelry collection to discover nature-inspired pieces and other beautiful designs. Contact us today to shop or with any questions you have about our selection. With Little Switzerland, you'll find what you're looking for, whether that be the trends of the year or timeless pieces.

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