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10 Creative Ways to Give Jewelry

Are you celebrating a special anniversary or birthday for your loved one? Do you want to celebrate your love with a special gift? You will enjoy the moment, even more, when you choose a creative way to give jewelry. Try these 10 romantic jewelry gift ideas. 

1. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Instead of handing the present to your significant other, give them a clue that leads them to another clue and another before bringing them to the present. Try incorporating elements that are important to your relationship, such as taping a clue to a calendar on the month you got married.

2. Choose a Special Location

Revisit the place where you first said "I love you" or go to the restaurant where you had your rehearsal dinner. This setting gives you the opportunity to reminisce, and then you can present your gift. 

3. Use Creative Ways to Wrap Jewelry

Your significant other may be anticipating jewelry for their birthday or an anniversary. Have some fun by wrapping diamond studs in a huge box. You can also give your loved one a stuffed animal that's wearing the jewelry, such as putting a necklace around a teddy bear's neck. 

4. Send Flowers on a Special Delivery

Order flowers for your loved one, and get in touch with the florist beforehand. See if you can have the jewelry put inside the card with the flowers, or ask about tying a bracelet around the vase. You could also enlist a friend to deliver your flowers and jewelry instead of ordering through a florist.

5. Surprise Them With Jewelry Somewhere Unexpected

One of our favorite ideas is to give jewelry at a time and place when your loved one is not expecting it. You might surprise them while they're on a lunch break at work or at a dinner party with friends.

6. Go on a Picnic

Have you ever gone on a picnic together? Pick a beautiful spot and bring a basket full of food, a blanket and your jewelry gift to deliver during dessert. 

7. Stroll Along the Beach

The beach is one of the most romantic locations for a couple to enjoy, whether on a vacation or a date. Take your love to the beach and wrap up your day with a special present. 

8. Hide Jewelry in the Silverware Drawer

During an intimate dinner, offer to set the table and leave off the forks. Ask your significant other to get you a fork, and they will discover the jewelry you have hidden there. 

9. Give the Present on a Plate

Polished plates make a beautiful delivery method for an elegant piece of jewelry. Go out to dinner, and ask the waiter to deliver the plate between the salad and main course. 

10. Celebrate Early

Use the element of surprise to your advantage. If you give your gift a month beforehand, your loved one won't expect it at all.

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